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Let’s seize opportunity, at the right moment, right on time.


Let’s empower real estate to play its pillar role, once again.


Let’s carry Beirut’s legacy forward with the ultimate capital structure.


The real estate sector is a major pillar of the Lebanese Economy and a large contributor to the GDP. The sector withstood wars, economic crisis, oil price declines but always came out relatively unblemished.

Since the beginning of the decade, the Lebanese real estate sector has been witnessing a significant shift in its market dynamics due to: Regional turmoil and local instability that have reduced the attractiveness of Beirut’s apartments and created a shift in end-user demand to smaller sized units.


Investment Focus

Armed with sound rationale and veteran leadership, Legacy One identifies a path of least resistance towards arriving at an unparalleled choice of bespoke apartments....Read More

Investment Process

Legacy One is structured in such a way as to complete the acquisition of distressed properties and enable to offer strong return on investment (ROI) for project stakeholders....Read More

Offering & Returns

Legacy One, in its offering, uses a combination of equity and bonds that allow various investors, local and foreign, to choose what best suits their needs....Read More

Unique Capabilities

No one has ever attempted a coalition of forces of such potency as Legacy One did, driving an irresistible narrative by combining unprecedented Power of Scale with Power of Confidence and Power of Choice....Read More


Lucid Investment Bank– a bank regulated and licensed by the Central Bank of Lebanon and listed on the list of banks under number 142 – in its capacity as Lead Placement Agent of Legacy One, ...Read More


Namir Cortas


Mr. Cortas started his career in New York with Deloitte, where he qualified as a Certified Public Accountant. He then moved to the UK for 17 years, working in finance and consultancy in construction and real estate. In 1997, he returned to Lebanon and developed several projects in Beirut Central District. Recently, he oriented his development activities towards middle-income housing....Read More

Massaad Fares

Investment Committee Member

Mr. Fares brings more than 38 years of experience in real estate, covering several facets of the industry: development, marketing, sales and finance. He has worked in San Francisco, New York, Marbella, the Gulf and Beirut, where he returned in 1996 and founded Prime Consult. Mr. Fares has been on the forefront of the Lebanese real estate industry and has relentlessly worked towards its increased regulation and institutionalization....Read More


Legacy Central brings together leading, career figures to create a top notch executive team entrusted to not only oversee the execution of key milestones but also drive a Corporate Social Responsibility agenda worthy of the scale of the project.

Combining 70 years of expertise between them, seasoned real estate icons, Massaad Fares, and Namir Cortas, and in collaboration with Lucid Investment Bank SAL, established LC, with all the bespoke strategy, tools, innovations and incentives to drive growth in these properties and ultimately the entire Lebanese real estate sector.

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